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We offer international ecological and permaculture design, and local implementation, and maintenance services in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia at incredible prices. This includes architectural design and combined landscape and architectural design that takes into account how your home, homestead, or farm can integrate harmoniously and synergistically with the surrounding environment.

Permaculture Design & Site Assessment (In Person or Online)

General Maintenance

Tree Care

Consulting & Self-Sufficiency Setup

Homestead & Farm Design

Irrigation Design

Orchards, Agroforestry & Forest Gardens

Organic Pest & Disease Control

Low-Maintenance Designs

When one works with nature instead of against it, there are many ways we can let nature do the work. Ecological restoration techniques and ecological principles ensure healthy garden and farm ecosystems provide their own ecosystem services such as pest and disease control, water retention, and efficient nutrient cycles.

Low Water Designs

Our designs integrate various water-saving techniques that both utilize water more effectively and store it in the landscape. This includes building soil organic matter to make the soil retain more moisture, and implementing techniques and design components such as keyline plowing, swales, ponds, and dams.

About Our Designs

We will work with you to help flesh out what you really want, whether that’s strictly high food production, a living work of art, or a productive AND beautiful landscape.

Not only will we dial in your design, we can also empower you to implement it over time, set up your own nursery, and become self-sufficient in your garden, on your farm, or at your homestead in general. We have the direct, on-the-ground experience with ecological restoration, off-grid homesteading, farming, decorative and edible gardening, and landscape architecture that combined give us a unique perspective that will bring your vision to reality.

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Let’s Create Your Dream Design Together

Whether it’s a small backyard garden or a sprawling farm, we can help you create the design and implementation plan that will exceed your wildest dreams.

Designs for All Budgets

We'll work with your budget to set you up with a design that works for both your land and your wallet. The below are some examples of what you might get with different levels of spending based on time requirements. Contact for more info!